Get Started

This documentation is being superceded by postman documentation - available here

The infoodle API is provided to ensure you have a secure access to your data from outside of the infoodle application. It enables you to integrate your own applications, or 3rd party tools such as

To start, you need to gain authenticated access. The authentication is performed via an API key - see Get an API key for more information.

Once you have an API key, you need to implement the oauth2 protocol to get an authenticated key.

It's important to remember that the access you have to the data within infoodle is governed by the account you gained the API key for. This applies to features and the people. Therefore, if you change the role settings for that account, it will affect the functions available through the API. Likewise, the people you can search for as a logged in user matches the people you can search through the API, finally it also honours the directory view settings, so if the role has only directory settings, you will only be able to search people who are visible on the directory.