How to manage Non-Members in your organisation

Within each organisation there are both Members and Non-Members. Sometimes it is easy to distinguish between the two and at other times it may not be so easy. For example, in a Church setting you may have regular Sunday service attenders and those who just attend special events. Or you may have children who attend children's programs but the parents do not attend.

Maybe you want to load all your suppliers contact details into infoodle, or all those who attended an event but are not a part of your organisation.

Let's look at two different ways to manage both Members and Non-Members

The Custom Fields method

You want to be able to send out a newsletter to Members but not to some of the people who just attended an event, or parents of children that only attend a kids program etc.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Make sure you have a custom field set up called Newsletter with a Yes/No answer field. Click here for more information on adding a new custom field.
  2. Select Reports from the Navigation menu.
  3. Under Report Areas click on People.
  4. Under the Create Criteria tab click on the Add criteria button.
  5. Choose 'Newsletter equals Yes' as the criteria.
  6. You could add another criteria 'Email contains @'. This would mean infoodle will generate a list which only contains people with an email address.
  7. Work through the Choose Grouping and Select Fields tabs.
  8. Click the Generate results tab, save the criteria for future use and select Go to infoodle contact page to email them etc.

The Groups method

  1. Create a Group called Newsletter. Click here for more information on creating Groups.
  2. Select Contact from the Navigation menu.
  3. Under the Send to heading select the group you want to send an email to i.e. Newsletter
  4. Fill in all other information required and send your email. Click here for more information on sending emails/contact.

Give one of them a go!

Note: When you have created a Group, make sure you add people to the group who you want to receive the newsletter. The quickest way to do this is to use Reports and under Generate Results choose Add to an existing group.