Administrator getting started

Well done in selecting infoodle for your database, CRM and donor management system. Congratulations on successfully logging in to your site and finding the help system.

Why use infoodle?

Infoodle is a tool that will help with your administration within your organisation and community. At its simplest it is a data base and contact management system with lots of added features. Infoodle will help you stay in communication with the people within your organisation and community, and help you stay informed of how people are involved, whether they are a member, donor, supporter or attender etc.

Using infoodle means that everyone has access to the same correct information. Infoodle enables you to store the information that you need; personal, financial, physical etc. Having your Contact management, donor management, event management and documentation in one place means no double entry, reducing time spent in administration.

Here at infoodle we aim to help and encourage you as best we can, we want to see you work smarter not harder to achieve your measurable outcomes.

Using the help system

There is an online help available to you. To access it click on the Help at the top right hand corner of your screen. Here you will find Videos, Training manuals, Help topics (click Help to view all topics) and a search field to search specific topics

You are also able to click on the support tab to the bottom left of your screen.

This will open up a form where you can enter your question and submit it to infoodle. The infoodle office will be notified and respond as soon as possible. You are also welcome to email us directly ( or give us a call.

Now that you have logged in take a look around and review your data.

Below is a list of a few things you may want to start with. (Note that some of these require special permissions to be added to your role. If you do no have the permissions then contact your local administrator or get in touch with us if you need help giving your staff permissions):

  1. View your own profile and change your password or login details (Click here to see how to do this). If you have data for us to import then get in touch and we will advise how to send us the data so we can import it for you.
  2. Add new contacts (Click here to see how to do this).
  3. Review and edit your contacts data using the Advanced search (Click here to see how to do this).
  4. Check your system settings (Click here to see how to do this).
  5. Create custom fields and tabs (Click here to to show to do this).
  6. Check your Role permissions and create new roles (Click here to see how to do this).
  7. Setup your Finance settings and Xero integration (Click here to see how to do this).
  8. Create groups (Click here to see how to do this).
  9. Verify your domain so that when you send emails from infoodle using your domain name they are less likely to land up in spam folders. (Click here to see more).
  10. Create a signature for your emails that will be sent from infoodle (Click here to see how to do this).
  11. Send emails etc. (Click here to see how to do this).
  12. Sign up for some training (Click here for the training schedule).

All ready to go!