Adding a New Custom Field

Infoodle allows you to add as many custom fields as you like. Before you begin it is always good to think about what information you need, how you want to access this information, is this information going to be the same for each member of a household etc.

But if you get it wrong don't worry you can easily change it!

So, to add a new field:

  1. Click Administration on the Navigation bar/menu.
  2. Click on Custom fields, then click on Add Field.
  3. Enter the Field Name. This will appear beside the field to be completed.
  4. Select the Area you would like this field to be in. (Click here for more information)
  5. What Section or Tab do you want this field to be under? Note: The Area you choose will determine if this field can be shown behind a tab, is on the front profile page or in the group section. (Click here for more information)
  6. Choose what Field Type this will be. (Click here for more information on field type)
  7. Select the remaining options. (For more information on how to select the remaining options click here).
  8. Finally click Save.

And that's how you add a custom field!

Video: For a demonstration on how to add, edit and remove Custom Fields click here.