Migrating from other systems

As a new client you want to ensure the data that is in your current system, is able to be moved over to infoodle. We have worked with a number of clients who have different systems and have developed processes for some of them.


If your best data is in xero, or you have a lot of your contacts data listed there, then you can connect infoodle to xero and infoodle can import data directly from there. If you want to connect people you also have elsewhere e.g. in a CSV or excel file, then its really helpful to have a matching field e.g. use the 'accountnumber' field in a xero contact, and include that same contact number in your excel file, this way we can really easily import the excel data and ensure we dont create double-ups.


There is an export feature for this, just export as a CSV file from Insightly.

Fundraiser pro

We have developed a data import for this. Just find where the program is running from on your computer - and within there is a folder called 'data'. If its not directly in the same path then there is a configuration file (extension is .ini), and this references where the data folder is. Once found, zip up the entire folder which can be quite big, and get it over to us either by email or use a file sharing system such as dropbox.

Focus on fundraiser

We have developed a data import for this. Just zip up the data folder and send it over.


We have developed an import for this. You need to contact them and ask for a data dump of your data. This proves a few files in a zip. Just send us the zip file.

Excel (or CSV)

This is by far the most common and is the one to use if you don't use one of the other systems listed below. The requirement is to have a single row for each person, and each data element (firstname, lastname, firstline of address, 2nd line of address, etc) is to be in its own column. In addition things like dates must be consistent and complete eg. Jan 2018 isn't ok - but 1/1/2018 is. We always set the format to "yyyy-mm-dd" for a date column because this shows us whether the dates are correct.

Access, Fox pro

If you have a database in these formats then its likely to be written specifically for you. This can be more challenging for us, but possible. Send us the whole database. Sometimes there are passwords embedded into the program which ensures it is locked. Unless you know these passwords we cannot get into the database and therefore will need you to create some exports into CSV. If you have any documentation about the database and how its structured then that would be great. It is also really helpful to have a few screenshots of the key pages, this way we can check to make sure what we import matches what you have and helps us interpret the data.