Profile Layout

The Profile Layout feature provides the ability for administrators and individuals to change the arrangement of blocks on the profile page. A 'block' is a window of information visible on a profile, such as 'Contact Details' or 'Personal Information'. This means you are now able to setup the view of a profile just the way you'd like it to look, and include only the information you wish to see on a profile.

Example of a block:

Blocks can now be hidden or re-arranged within the column, according to preference. There are three levels of configuration possible; system specific, individual specific, and infoodle default:

1. System specific configuration

To setup a system wide configuration, open the Administration menu, then Profile Layout.

You can click the 'eye' icon to show or hide a particular block. It will be hidden when the 'eye' has a line through it and the colour is black. It is shown when there is no line and the colour is blue;

- You can drag a block up and down to change the order.

- You cannot drag a block from one column to another column.

- Saving this page will now apply to all contacts and to all logins.

- Click 'reset to default configuration' will return the configuration to the infoodle default settings, as per point 3. below.

2. Individual specific configuration

Each login is able to adjust their settings in the same way as the System specific settings above. The changes will only affect the logged in user. To access the individual specific configuration click on the cog wheel from a persons profile and open 'Profile Page Layout';

Clicking 'reset to default configuration' will return the configuration to the System specific settings.

3. infoodle default configuration

The infoodle default configuration can be selected from the System specific configuration screen as in point 1. above. To reset your System specific configuration back to the default configuration, click on the 'Reset to default configuration' link.

This places content in the left and right hand column as per predefined rules.What is shown depends on the type of view you have (household or organisation), and what permissions you have in your role.

Household view

- If you have Notes and/or Actions enabled, you see these, photos will be available via the cog menu.

- If you do not have Notes or Actions enabled, you see photos.

Organisation view

- If you have finance package, and have access to the finance area - Organisation fundraising

- The Organisation list block is shown always

Note: If a user resets to the default configuration using the method described in point 2. above, the default will be adjusted to whatever the System wide configuration has been set to.

Note: When configuring these options, only those options available for your packages are visible. IE: If you do not have the Finance package, you will not see or have the ability to edit the Finance blocks.

Note: Even though you may enable items, these items will only be visible to a user if the user has access to the data in their role. For instance you can enable the Profile Layouts 'Notes' block, but if they do not have notes in their role, they wont see any notes.