Adding a Workflow

Infoodle is all about making your job easier! Adding a workflow makes sure your data is automatically handled the way you want, enabling speedy processing and tracking of your contacts.

To Add a Workflow:

  1. Select Administration from the Navigation bar/menu.
  2. Click on Workflow.
  3. Click on Add workflow.
  4. Enter the workflow name. This will be used to identify the workflow elsewhere in the system.
  5. Enter a description about the workflow to help identity its function.
  6. Select from the dropdown lists what will be the trigger to start this workflow.
  7. Choose a trigger type. Click here for more information about Triggers.
  8. Can the user choose whether to do this? If yes is selected, then the workflow begins after the trigger takes place. If no is selected, the workflow will begin only when the details are saved.
  9. Add more triggers if needed.
  10. Choose the steps of the workflow from the dropdown list. Click here for more information about Steps.
  11. Finally click SAVE.

And that's it!

Note: Part of some workflows maybe to include 'Work Queues' to which you can be assigned as owner either specifically or as part of a group. To see these queues you can click 'Queues' on the header menu - or use the home page widget to show you a current list of queues and the number of people in them. Click here for more info on the Queues widget.