Check in Hardware requirements

The purpose of this page is to give the systems installer a guide on the steps required to ensure the environment is appropriate so that the check in can take place.

Hardware requirements

To operate your check in, you will need to obtain the following:

A label server

The label server is a Windows computer that will provide your local check in terminals access to the label printers. This computer is owned and managed by you and must be a Windows computer.

The software we use is developed by infoodle and is downloadable from the setup page.

This computer must be able to successfully print to the label printers without any infoodle software being installed. Our software simply routes requests to print labels to the computers own printing system.

A check in device

In order for the visitors to perform the check in they will need access to a device. You can have as many of these devices as is required in order to ensure sufficient throughput of your visitors. As an example 120 people can be checked in over a 15 minute period on 4 devices. This device can be any device that has a web browser and is able to connect to the check in server. Examples include: laptops, desktops, iPads, Android Tablets and phones (as long as they operate on the same wifi network as the label server if you want labels printing). The only software that is required is a web browser.


Android devices don't directly support printing. Infoodle uses the browsers print function when printing the check in report which lists everyone who has checked in. You need to install a printing app e.g. Cloud Print. Once done you can either print directly from the browsers menu, or click share from the browsers menu and choose cloud print (or equivalent). Do note however that this does not affect the label printing - this is managed by infoodle.

Label printer

Infoodle can print to any printer that your label server can print to - because we use the computers own printing system. We are currently recommending

Brother QL810W

or Brother QL-720NW is an older version

This device is wireless and so once configured connects to the network itself.

Note: Separate pages in this help refer to setting up the software and using the check in system.