Checkin Update

All communication that occurs within the infoodle system is done in a secure environment. This includes the communication between the check in system and the label server. This secure environment needs to be maintained which entails updating the software and files that are freely available from infoodle once a year. This happens around August.

The check in system alerts you when this time is getting close.

To apply these changes you need to perform a couple of steps.

1. Download this file onto the computer you are running the label server.

- for 64 bit computers use this file
- for 32 bit computers use this file

2. Run the existing file called 'stop' in your existing installation. This stops your label server.

3. Extract the files so that they overwrite the files you already have.

4. Run the 'restart.bat' file which is included in the software you have just installl which will stop and start your labelserver. You may have to restart this a couple of times to get a 'successful' message, anyvirus software sometimes takes a while to approve the files you install.

Once this has been completed on all the label servers you have installed - login to infoodle.

5. Go to the Administration / Online Checkin Settings tab and choose printer settings - and click 'Label servers have been updated'. This will ensure the warning is removed and your systems should operate for the next year.