Start a check in

Before you can start a check in, make sure you have done the following:

  1. Configured the label server (if required)
  2. Setup the check in logins
  3. Setup the label formats (if required)
  4. Added groups to the attendees list of an event

Great! You are ready to start a check in!

Now work through the steps below.

Step 1 - Login

In your browser - go to your normal infoodle site - e.g. and login with your CHECK IN user details (not your regular login if you already have one).

Step 2 - Choose labels

You should be presented with a screen asking you about labels

if you don't want labels - just click 'continue'

Else - click 'No' to switch it to 'Yes'. You are then prompted for the details about the label server.

These details should default - but otherwise you need to complete them - and 'connect'. Once done, you are presented with a list of available printers. Choose which printer you want to use for this terminal and click 'continue with checkin'.

Step 3 - Choose an Event

You can check in only 1 event for each terminal. Choose the event you want to check in from the list provided. If you don't see any events, make sure the event is setup in infoodle correctly. The check in only lists events that are on today.

Choose an event by clicking it.

Step 4 - Choose a group

You are now presented with a list of groups that you are able to check in. Note that the groups must be on the 'attendees' list of the event, and they must be in your check in login.

You can check in 1 or more groups at this terminal.

You can set a capacity for each group that is used in the check in. The group will be highlighted in yellow when the capacity is reached but it won't stop you from checking more people in. This capacity is remember for next time.

You can re-order the groups by clicking and dragging the bars on the left. This order is used to present the groups to the users during check in.

Once you click a group - you are asked more questions.

a) Choose which labels to print, and what elements to output.

If you have selected to print labels - you are asked to specify how you want the labels. Click 'change' to see and adjust the settings.

Note that the items in the boxes are determined by the setup of the labels. Click 'label', 'parent label', 'visitor label' if you want them printed for this group - then tick the elements you want.

Note that these settings are remembered for this group next time you have an event with this group.

Step 5 - Check in settings

Exclude those younger / older: This will ensure that the list of people found in any search are limited by age. In general you don't need these - but can be useful if you are likely to be adding people who are not listed in your groups.

Show birthdays in the past: for a weekly event, set this to 7 and people who had their birthday 7 days in the past will have a cake shown on their label, assuming you have that setting.

Setting within the event: If you have a single event with multiple separate sessions, you can choose which session you are running here.

Terminal lock pin code: This is a special code to unlock this specific device should you decide to lock the screen from admin functions (such as adding visitors, running reports, changing label printers).

Step 6 - Choose a check in method

You can check people in using different methods:

Search. People need to search for their surname to check themselves in

List. Everyone in the group is listed on the screen and you just tick who is attending.

Search - by family

If you chose 'search' as the method - you are then asked if you want to do family check in. This will list all family members beside the person searched for, then the family can check themselves in altogether. If you choose 'no' then the people in the group found in the search are listed separately.

Step 7 - Lock screen

Once you have chosen these options - and clicked 'start check in' you are presented with the check in screen. At the top of the screen is the list of admin options - and a padlock - which locks the screen. It's recommended you click this.

You are also shown the event, list of groups being checked in at this terminal, and the session you are running.

Once the padlock is clicked - you are reminded of the lock code - then the screen is locked.

Note: If people come to an event and they are not in the attendees list, they can be added as a visitor. Learn how to do this here. If they are in your database, but not the group/s listed click here.