Clusters with finance

When your role is limited by cluster then a number of aspects will change in order to ensure that you are working within the limited set of data.

The following items are affected.

  1. People
    You can only see those people with whom you share a group. And only those groups you are a full member or administrator of. If you are administrator of the group, then you could potentially administrate those people e.g. if you role also had 'edit all contacts' then you can edit the people in your cluster - and in the group you are administrator of.

    If you had 'add people' in your role then you can add new people, but you must select a group that you can see.
  2. Forms
    You can create forms assuming you have that ability in your role, however when you do you will be forced to identify which group the form is to be restricted to.
  3. Campaigns
    The list of campaigns is reduced to just those that include a group you are an active member of (full member or administrator)
  4. Bank accounts
    If a bank account has the 'limit to groups' fields set, then your available bank accounts will be limited to just those that can be accessed by groups you are an active member of.
  5. Transactions
    These are limited to those transactions which share the following:
    - They are for a person you can see.
    - They are tagged to no campaign, or a campaign you can see
    - They are tagged to no bank account, or a bank account you can see

    Note that this therefore affects a range of functionality within infoodle e.g.
    Receipts, A persons finance page of activity and pledges, audit report, donor analysis, finding transactions, financial reports and more.

To give some examples:

Scenario: You have 3 regions. Each region is a cluster. You can have separate clusters in infoodle and they can operate their people and financials independently.

Scenario: You have 3 regions and people can be in more than 1 region. By controlling the transactions with campaigns then you can safely view a person that is in your cluster, but only see the transactions that are applicable to your region.