Contact by email

Contacting people via email is made easy with infoodle. Let me show you how.

Step 1: Select where your replies will go to - See notes on Send from

Step 2: Prepare your list of who will receive your email - See notes on Send to

Step 3: Prepare your content. See notes on creating content.

Step 4: Add attachments. See notes on adding Attachments.

Step 5: Set the email signature. See notes on adding a signature.

Step 6: Send the email. See notes on sending emails.

Video: Check out the short video demonstration of creating and sending an email here.

You can contact people via:

  1. Their profile page
  2. Via Groups pages
  3. From the contact page
  4. From Reports

1. Their profile page.

Note: Click here to learn more about emailing an individual.

2.Through groups pages.

Note: Click here to learn more about emailing a group.

3. From the contact screen.

Note: Click here to go to next step.

4. From Reports.

You can choose to run a report to search for the contacts that you wish to email. If you wish to send an email to every active contact in your database then the criteria you need to add in the Create Criteria screen is Archived set to No.

On the Generate results screen click on the Go button to Go to infoodle contact page to email them etc.

This will then pull all the people that you searched for in the report and add them to the Send to screen as a session list and list all the people below.

You are now ready to add content to you email.

Note: learn more about reports here.