Email Unsubscribe

There will be times when people no longer wish to receive your communications. This calls for an unsubscribe process.

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Create a Form in infoodle that people will be directed to. Using the forms feature in infoodle - create a form which looks something like the following:
  2. In the form settings, make sure the form is active, and you notify someone (or a group) in your organisation when the form has been completed. These will be the people who will action the request.
  3. Save the form, and on the publish tab - copy the link.
  4. Use the link in your emails. Somewhere in the email content you are sending out - you need to include a link back to the unsubscribe form you have just created. To learn about inserting a link in your email click here.
  5. You will receive an email alerting you when someone has unsubscribed. This gives you the option to follow up if necessary.
  6. Manually ensure that the person is unsubscribed from the specific mailings or the community as a whole. To remove someone from a mailing list click here.