How can I address a combined household using personalisations

When contacting a combined household e.g. husband and wife, via email, letters, texts and or labels you have the ability to address the combined household in the content using a number of personalisations. e.g Dear Richard & Aukje Smith.

A number of things need to be in place first before this is possible:

  • The couple need to be in the same household or organisation.
  • They both need to have the same Marital status ie both need to have their status set to Married or De facto or another status that you have set up that combines(click here for more info)
  • There needs to be data in the relevant fields e.g if you want to combine the nickname fields then there needs to be nicknames in the nicknames field for both people to be combined.

Once you have the above setup:

  1. Click Contact on the Navigation menu.
  2. Select the type of contact ie Email, Text, Letter or Label
  3. Add the people you wish to send to.
  4. Make sure to select the One per household tickbox in the Send to/People screen in order to combine who you are addressing it to e.g. Dear Al & Janet in one email/letter/text/label versus having them address the individuals separately in separate emails/letters/texts/labels.
  5. In the Content tab go to the large box where you enter the body or content of your email/letter/text/label.
  6. Select relevant personalisations from the personalisations list on the right hand side. e.g {combined name} / {nickname} / {salutation}, etc. Note that if you are sending it out to individuals the combined name will still work by inserting their firstname.
  7. Go to the Generate tab and generate the contact(email/letter/text/label)
  8. As long as the above three points are put in place beforehand then infoodle will autofill these personalisations.

For more detailed information click on these links: emails, letters, texts and labels.