How does Infoodle contact People?

The contact page allows you to contact people in your community.

You can contact people either via:



Text (SMS)


Each method uses a similar technique - follow these basic steps regardless of the method.

Active email and text

Infoodle will only send an email or text message if the address or phone number is active.

This is displayed by a line below.

1. What contact method do you want to use?

Select which method you would like to use. Which methods you see will depend on what permissions the administrator has given you.

2. Who do you want to send it to?

Create your list of people you want to contact. You can find people as individuals or groups by using the drop down box to select the people.

3. Create the content.

This can done by using a template you have created before, or by typing in the content yourself. To the right is a box that shows you the personalisation fields that are available. These depend on the contact method chosen.

4. Test.

If you intend on sending the information to a lot of people it’s worth doing a small test to make sure all is as you expect it to be. If you are using email or text then the test will come to you - regardless of who is in the list of people at the top of the screen. For labels, then 1 page of labels is shown to you based on the people you have selected, for letters you will get the 1st letter.

5. All.

Once you are happy with the selection and the content, you can send to all. For email and text, the messages are added to a queue - you are informed how many have been queued and you see the count of the queue increase - then decrease as they are sent. For labels and letters a screen will popup to show all the pages. Note that this could take a while depending on how many people you have selected.

Once you have clicked send to all, contact has been made!

Note : See the help screens about each contact method for more detailed information.