Persons History Tab

From a persons profile page you are able to search a persons history tab in order to see the communication that has gone out to an individual.

However you will only be able to see the communications that you have been given permission to see. This is because:

  1. You have the permission in your role to view email, documents and /or texts that others have sent.
  2. You are a part of the group that the permission is assigned to.
  3. You sent the email yourself.
  4. The permission is set for anyone to view.

You are able to view:

  • Email, Text and Documents (letters) that have been sent
  • Who sent the communications
  • If the email has been opened - This may not always be visible, dependant on receivers provider settings
  • Date created, sent or opened
  • Who the visibility has been set to
  • Content of the message
  • If the text has been delivered

A document can be reprinted from this page.

An email can be resent from the sent items folder.

Note: Click here to learn more about Sent items.