The Dashboard

The Dashboard in infoodle has many useful features to enable you to quickly retrieve the information you require and start working with it. It acts as your home page. If you have finished working in a particular area in infoodle, for example Reports or find yourself in the wrong place just click Dashboard on the Navigation bar/menu and you're back to your home page.

The Navigation Menu down the left hand side enables quick access to all the features of infoodle. To reduce this menu to just an icon bar click on the < symbol to the left of 'Search people by'. This setting is remembered on the computer (and browser) you are using, so you can have different settings for your tablet or your desktop.

You can toggle between the Icon Bar and Full Menu view by clicking < or >

Infoodle has a default logo on the Dashboard, but you can personalise it with your own logo. Click on the link Adding your logo for further information.

Edit your profile

Clicking on 'my profile' will take you to your personal profile page. From there you can review your details, and change settings such as your login user name, password, and privacy. If you have been given permission then you can also edit contact details such as addresses and dates.

At the top of your Dashboard there is a quick people search facility and a + symbol which gives quick access to adding People, Groups, Events, Assets, Forms and Libraries. Click here for more information on searching for people. And if you get stuck at any time just click on Help in the top right hand corner.

Note: You can customise your Dashboard so that it displays the information that is most useful to your work area by adding widgets. Click here for more information.

Video: Check out the short video explanation of the Dashboard and how to use Widgets here.