The 'Queues' Widget

This widget is available to all Infoodle users. It is used to list activity for the email and text queue for the past 7 days. The widget shows how many emails have been sent by your organisation, and how many of those emails are yours.

If there are errors in email delivery, Infoodle can list the error on the Queues widget. The user can also handle the errors via the widget. You have the option to:

  1. Clear the error: Infoodle will know you have processed the error in some way and won't reshow it.
  2. 'De-activate' the email address. This is an unsubscribe in that it will mark that persons email address as not active, and add the letters UNSUB: on the front of the email so you cannot re-use it without reviewing it.

Note: For a list of handling errors click here.