Adding a To Do

Creating a To Do or Task reminder is easy!

  1. Go to the persons profile page that the to do is concerning. i.e. We want to follow up on Miranda that she has completed the volunteers work shop.
  2. Click on the + To Do button on Miranda's profile page. (If you operate infoodle in Organisation View, then you will find the + To Do button under the Notes tab).
  3. What needs doing? Type in a heading or main subject about the task. i.e "Follow up on volunteers workshop."
  4. Notes about the task. Add some more detail here. i.e. Miranda has booked in for the volunteers work shop. Did she complete the class? How did she enjoy the class? Is she keen to continue to volunteer etc.
  5. Who should do it? Who will follow up with Miranda? Me (you) or a group. If this is to be done by a group, select the group from the drop down list. i.e. Community Volunteers.
  6. When does it need doing? Is there a specific date this task needs to be done on, or by a certain date. Select the date.
  7. Then Save.

You can assign this to a group you are not a part of and so you will not get the reminders emailed to you. You will be able to see the To Do and be able to edit the To Do.

The task will now be shown on the persons profile page.

If you have been set to do the task or are part of the group to do the task, the task can be made visible on your Dashboard/Home page if you have the To Do widget on your dashboard.

Note: Click here to see how to Edit To Do's

Note: Click here to see how to Complete To Do's

Video: Check out this short video explanation here.