Event Statistics

Event Statistics allows you to graphically display the attendance of your various events. Infoodle gathers data for analysis in 3 ways depending on the modules you have available.

  1. You can enter statistics via the planning icon under the Statistics tab.
  2. If you use the attendance feature in the groups page, then the total attendance registered for the event will be used here.
  3. If you use the check in module to allow people to register for an event, the data for this will be used here.

Here's how to create a graph:

  1. Click Events on the Navigation bar/menu.
  2. Click the Statistics button.
  3. Using the date fields, enter the period you are wanting to report on.
  4. Enter the name of the event.
  5. Click on Load Events.
  6. Infoodle will retrieve the data you asked for and on the left of the screen list any matching events. Click on the one you want and a graph will be displayed.

Don't we just love statistics!

Note: You can change the type of graph shown and show or hide a data type, or click on another event to see a graph for that event. You can also export this data to an excel spreadsheet or .csv file.