Sync infoodle contacts with xero

infoodle is able to take the contact information you maintain and keep xero in line with that too. For example when you make a change to a persons email address, this can automatically update the email in xero.

Sending a new infoodle contact to xero

If you wish to manually push a contact up to xero - simply find the person in infoodle, click the settings cog on the left of the person's name and click Create/update contact in xero. This reveals a menu with the option to Create or Update the contact in xero. This update is performed in realtime, i.e. once the screen returns, the sync is complete. The menu then changes to include a link to view the contact in xero if you wish.

Connecting infoodle contacts to xero contacts

The ability for infoodle to automatically sync contact information is only available to those contacts who are already connected to xero. There are a number of ways to achieve this:

  • Manually create the contact in xero using the method described above
  • Use the finance / xero imports / xero contacts screen and connect them
  • As you are reconciling transactions that have been imported from xero, the link is automatically made

One of these options is required in order for the auto sync to work

Auto syncing contacts

If you wish infoodle to update any contact information you hold in infoodle and send it to xero you need to first enable it. Do this using the finance / configuration / xero setup screen. Once there find the Infoodle changes to contacts value and change the setting to 'Update Xero' (then click Save).

Now, as you make a change to your infoodle contact, the data will automatically be used to update the related xero contact. This occurs behind the scenes ensuring you are returned to your screen as soon as possible.

You can see the fact that the sync has occurred by reviewing the audit trail of that person.

To Disable the autosync function simply set the value back to 'Ignore changes'