Closed batches

When a batch has been closed, it is locked from further editing. Therefore to edit a batch you will first need to open the batch.

  1. Click Finance on the Navigation menu.
  2. On the Transaction Processing screen, click Transactions and then Batches.
  3. This will pop-up a screen which enables you to enter some detail to help you find the batch you are looking for.

  4. Enter the name or the dates and click SEARCH or select one from the list below.
  5. Select Re-open from the list of functions from the list to the right of the relevant batch.
  6. Click Reopen after reading the message.
  7. Refresh your page.
  8. Select the batch and make the necessary changes.
  9. To close a batch follow the same steps to find it as above but select the Close function instead of reopen.