Online Payments

infoodle is integrated with a number of payment gateways in order to enable you to capture payments whilst people are on a form. The form data is passed into infoodle in the normal way - then the payment data is added by using the 'Payment method' field on the left hand list of available fields. Depending on which gateway you have configured, you choose which ones to show to the user. In order to use a payment gateway which takes money from the person filling in the form, you need to establish your own relationship with a company of your choice. If you dont need the money directly, you can create 'free format' payment methods.

By using forms you are able to take online payments. Infoodle allows you to set up online payments for all kinds of events. These might be camp registration fees, donations, purchases of tickets or stock items etc.

Payment gateways

Currently Infoodle supports:

  1. eWay - - to integrate eWay with infoodle click here
  2. flo2cash - - to integrate flo2cash with infoodle click here
  3. payment express (used to be called DPS) - - to integrate payment express with infoodle click here
  4. PayPal now Braintree - - to integrate Braintree with infoodle click here
  5. Stripe - - to integrate Stripe with infoodle click here
  6. POLi - POLi - to integrate POLi with infoodle click here
  7. Ezidebit - - to integrate ezidebit with infoodle click here

You will need to set up your own account with one or more of these companies to process online payments. In each case we have taken care to ensure you need to perform the minimum configuration for ease of use. Simply get the connection details from your chosen supplier, and enter those into the payment methods screen in infoodle (click administration / system / payment methods).

In each case you are able to request or gain access to a test site if you wish. With this, you can test out the system and make sure it works ok for you without having to take money off your credit card! infoodle is able to support both test (sometimes called sandbox) and live (sometimes called production) sites.

There are also a few steps to take when first setting up the connection with your chosen supplier. This is done in the Administration/Systems area of infoodle under Payment Methods. Click here for more information.

Non credit/debit card options

You can also provide information in your form for the following non-credit card payment methods:

  1. Cheque - You will need to set up in the information on who the cheque needs to be made out to and where the cheque needs to be sent
  2. Direct credit - This option allows you to provide your bank details for the user to pay directly to the bank.
  3. Free format - You can also have other manual processing e.g. come to reception and pay at the counter. Or other specific options that are for your situation.

You are able to have several options set up in the administration/system setup area to choose from, e.g. you can create 2 direct credit options if you need 2 different bank accounts. The person creating the form can choose which payment methods to enable from the list of pre-built options.

When is it paid?

In the case of the credit card process - assuming the user completes the payment piece correctly, then the entry is marked in infoodle as 'paid' directly. In the case of the other methods (cheque, direct credit, free format) then you need to manually enter the payment on the entry. You can see and do this in the forms entries screen as you process each form entry.

If you have the Finance package in infoodle - then you will also see the transactions appear in the screens to reconcile as the people pay. In this scenario you need to first ensure that you have processed each form entry at least to a person - i.e. you have gone onto the form entry, and assigned the data to an individual either by adding a new person, or matching the entry with an existing person. If there are outstanding form entries that have not been processed this way, the reconcile screen will warn you.

As you search for peoples names in the reconcile or add transactions screens, if that person matches a form entry that is awaiting payment, then the form is listed - and allows you to mark as paid.

If a form has payments made via credit card then when you reconcile the transaction you can link it to the form and mark as paid. Note: Transactions will not be created until the form has been approved AND until the add transaction or reconcile processes are complete. Its those processes (add and or reconcile) that create the transactions. This means that the transaction will only appear in the contacts profile and in the receipts screen AFTER the form has been approved AND AFTER it has been reconciled in infoodle. Click here for more information.

You can also keep track of pledges and recurring payments within a person's profile. For more information go to Pledges and recurring payments or Individuals Finance Activity or Creating and reconciling pledges.

Note: Click here for more details on setting up payment options in the Systems setup area.