Adding a form

Infoodle allows you to build your own forms in order to capture data, which saves you time having to type the information in. Forms are easy for your contacts, members or community to use and they can be imbedded into your website or as a link in emails.

It's a 4 step process to add a new form in infoodle: Build a form, Apply form settings, Setup an email response and Publish. So let's have a go!

To Build a form:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the + on the header bar (top right). On the dropdown Add menu click Form.
  2. In the Add form screen begin by giving your form a name (this is not the name/Title that will appear on the form, but just a name to help you identify the form from a list).
  3. Choose whether you want to limit this form to a specific group. With this setting, only people in that group (full member or administrators) can see the form to be able to edit its settings, or can see it in the persons profile tab.
  4. Next drag the fields that you require from the list on the left of the screen and drop them in the yellow box to start creating your form. A darker grey line shows you where infoodle will place the field. Therefore you can re-order the fields by dragging them up and down, or you can place a field between, above or below other fields. Click here if you wish to add css code to edit the fields/forms, e.g change the width of the fields.
    Generic fields : Text information. These fields are just for putting text on the form.
    Generic fields : Independent fields. These fields do not relate to fields on a persons profile. They therefore dont update the profile and are used to capture the information only e.g. for surveys. They can be exported, and will be shown on a persons page in the forms tab when you look at a form. They cannot be reported on using the reports screen.
    People fields etc. : These ones will update the persons data because you are adding a field that is on a persons profile page onto the form. If you wish to have multiple people register on one form then click here for more information on how to set this up.
    Note: when adding an email address field and you wish to send an email response to the email address entered by the person submitting the form make sure that you tick the following box as in the screenshot or else your email response will not be sent.
  5. You can now include one or more images into a form. To do this drag the Image field from the list on the left and click Upload a file. Note: These images are tailored so that Facebook can pick them up when you choose to publish a form in Facebook. Facebook requires a minimum size of 200px by 200px. Be aware that it takes time for Facebook to load the image so finish posting the form on Facebook and check back later.
  6. Configure each field you choose with appropriate settings. For further information on field options follow these links: Generic, People, Household or Organisation, Groups, Paid Items, Payments.
  7. Once you have added all the fields, click Save form. Your form will now look something like this:

Select Preview on the right anytime you want to see what the form will look like once Published. You can see preview desk top, tablet and phone versions. Click on Build form to go back to edit mode.

Live view will take you to a page that can be completed - good for a test. It shows the payment options for amount lists, others etc.

Show design are some styling features your designer can use on individual fields or the whole form. For example, if you want the labels of a field to be in red, you can do that using Advanced CSS Design. If you do not have a designer and need help with additional styling contact the infoodle office.

After building your form you need to apply Form Settings.

Note: At any stage during form building you can edit individual fields by clicking on the pencil icon next to the field. Likewise you can delete fields by clicking on the trashcan. To delete the whole form click on the Delete form trashcan underneath the Save button.

Video: Check out this short video demonstration of how to create a new form here.