Example Booking Attendance Form

This example form can be used for people to pre-register their attendance. This is helpful to ensure the right number of people are planning to attend in respect to COVID or other limitations on participants.

Click here to see an example form - https://demoinfoodle.infoodle.com/f/BookAttendancePart2

To create this form - follow these steps:

What you need

infoodle - to get the forms functionality. In addition you need either the Finance module or the Events module to gain access to the ticketing functions.

Setup : step 1

You will need a payment method setup. This will allow you to either charge, or make tickets free of charge. See help on setting up a payment method here - choose 'Free text information' as the option if you want them to be free.

You will need a stock item for each 'ticket' you want. e.g. one type for Adult and one for Child. You may have different services during the day in which case you would need one for each service. Set the stock quantity to be the number of people you are able to accommodate. See more on stock here

Form build : step 2

Determine which fields you wish to capture for your booking (name, email address, phone number)

Add the stock items you have setup and select their settings :

e.g. Stock item 1 - Adult tickets

NB. Note the 'stock item', 'show headings' and 'full width' options.

e.g. Stock item 2 - Child tickets

NB. Note the 'stock item', 'show headings' and 'full width' options.

Note: When building the form, you can now specify whether the user should be shown how many of those stock items are available using the setting 'Show available stock when stock less than' field. You can specify the number at which infoodle shows this, e.g. if you have 100 tickets, only show how many are available when there are only 10 left. This is optional.


Add the pay/donate field and select the payment method you want and configure it.

e.g. Test method - which is hidden from the user filling in the form.

NB. Note the 'only on approval form' and 'default value' settings. You will need 'working on their statement' text also.

Note: When the price is 0 for the stock item, the price and total amounts are not shown - as they are free. If an attempt to book is made and the stock item quantity has reached 0, then a message will display saying 'None Available', when the stock price is 0.

Save and publish the form : step 3

Click Save - an you have access to the publish tab. There you can use the information to provide a link to embed in the infoodle app, or email out to people or link to on your web site. You can also embed the form into your website if you wish using the code shown here.

Reviewing activity

infoodle will track the numbers to ensure they are not oversold. Not that the count for each ticket is separate. So if 100 is the maximum you have need to set 70 adults and 30 children. You can review the numbers 'sold' by reviewing the totals in the stock. You can also choose to be notified on low stock - i.e. you are filling up!


Setup for the next event

If you wish to use the same form and therefore stock items next week too - you will need to adjust the stock quantity after this weeks event to reflect the new numbers you can accommodate.