Infoodle is a solution for the administration of the people in your community. For this reason you want to send emails to people who want to receive your communications. It's really important that your email lists are valid, well maintained and the people receiving the communications are still actually part of your community.

Having said that, there are times when people no longer wish to receive your communications. This brings a need for an unsubscribe process. The thinking at Infoodle is an unsubscribe is something that needs to be personally addressed, not just some automated action.

For many infoodle clients, you are part of, or developing a caring community with each other, and so if someone wishes to unsubscribe you would like to know the reasons why, so that, if appropriate, you can follow up with them.

Therefore we recommend the following steps:

  1. Create a form in Infoodle, that the users complete when they click on the link. See Creating an unsubscribe form.
  2. When a response is received, this triggers a request to someone in your organisation to review and if necessary contact the person involved to understand why. See Workflows.
  3. Manually ensure that the person is unsubscribed from the specific mailings or the community as a whole. See Removing a person from a mailing list.