Keyboard usage

Whilst infoodle can be operated by the mouse and keyboard, it can also be operated using touch functions on an iPad. There are also a number of keyboard shortcuts that have been built into the interface to make it easier to move around without having to use the mouse.

infoodle makes use of access keys. How you use access keys will depend on which web browser you are using. Click here to go to the Wikipedia site for more information.

Main menu
When using these access keys, you will be taken to the page specified.

Me (home page)h
Helpq (this is a lower case Q - for question)

Search functions
When using these access keys, the search function changes to the one selected, the selected item is coloured to reflect it is selected, then the cursor is placed in the search box to the right of the buttons.

Libraryl (this is a lower case L)

Once you start typing into the search boxes, a box appears listing all the matching records. You can use the up and down arrow keys to move through these lists. The current item is highlighted. Once you are highlighting the record you wish, press the enter button on your keyboard to go to that record.

Contact screen

The contact screen has a choice of methods. Use the following short cuts


Dialog menus with tabs

There are some dialogs such as adding/editing events and the people screen that have tabs as part of the user interface. Starting with the first tab, these can be accessed using the access key numbers 1 for the first tab, 2 for the second etc.