Adding a Group

Groups are the corner stone of infoodle, helping to keep people organised. Once you have created a group infoodle allows you to subdivide groups into smaller groups as well, called Subgroups. There are many possibilities when managing and creating groups! Read on to find out how to create a group.

  1. On the Dashboard, click the + menu on the header bar (top right). On the dropdown Add menu click Group.
  2. Infoodle will bring up the Add a new group form. Fill in the relevant group details. There are custom fields on this form. See the help pages on Custom Fields for more information.
  3. Groups can be Hibernated or Expired. See Hibernating and Expiring a Group for more details about those settings.
  4. Groups can be set to Admin Only. See Locked/Admin Groups for more information on this setting.
  5. The information under Filter Data is used to search for groups in the Advanced Search and Reports sections. It is not necessary to add this information, but helpful when managing a large number of groups.
  6. Click the Save button once you have added the details.

You're all done!

Note: Once a new group has been created infoodle makes it easy to organise the members into a roster. Click on Create a Quick Roster to learn how!

Video: Check out this short video explanation about creating a new group here.