Adding a Person to a Group

People come and go in groups. There are multiple ways to add people to a group!

  1. It is possible to add a person to a group via the person's profile. Under the Groups tab on the Person's profile, click the Add button. Search for the group you wish to add them to. Infoodle will prompt you for details on the new member and their Permissions.
  2. It is also possible to add multiple people via the groups profile. Locate the group to add members to, and click Add Members under the Groups details. Use the search box to find each person you wish to add. You can search and select multiple people in one go before you click 'save' assuming they all need the same permissions. If the group has Subgroups you may only add members to the Subgroups. See Subgroups for more information.
  3. Reports can be used to generate a list of people to add to a group. Once you are happy with the list, one of the output options is to "Add to an existing group". Click this then search for the group you wish to add people to.
  4. Workflow can also be used to generate a list of people to add to a group. When creating your workflow, selecting 'add to group' is one of the options available as a step. More information about workflows here.

Easy as that!

Note: See Permissions for more information.