Exporting a Group's Details

Can I export a Group's details to an excel spreadsheet, plain text file (cvs), pdf form and attach it to an email or print it out? Yes you can!

  1. Select Groups from the Navigation bar/menu.
  2. Find the group that you want to export.
  3. Once you are on that particular groups page you'll find a Functions drop down menu.
  4. From the Functions dropdown list choose Export.
  5. From the Export a Group popup screen choose whether you want to include active and/or past members, and exclude hibernated and/or expired groups.
  6. You can choose to export the group list as an excel spreadsheet or a .csv file. Select from the dropdown list.
  7. Click Generate.
  8. Finally download the generated file.

And that's it!

Note: If you want to export more detailed information about a group you can use the Reports feature and export group information from there. See the help pages on Reports for more information.