Group Settings

Infoodle can provide a group with extra security or functionality. Here are some additional settings that can be applied to Groups, if appropriate.

  1. Admin Only: The admin only flag ensures that only people who are current administrator members of a group are able to add new members to the group. This protects sensitive information held by the group and overrides the Maintain all Groups permission. Admin only should only be used for groups who are administrators of the organisation and have a high level of control over most groups for continuity reasons. See Locked/Admin Groups for more information.
  2. Tasks: Tasks imply any work needing to be done. By default most groups are not set up with the function for Tasks as they are administration groups. See Tasks for more information.
  3. Content: Infoodle has an additional layer of permissions, above role, which controls individual pieces of information that are created, such as emails. Permission is assigned to a group at the time the content is created. Only certain groups should ever be chosen to be able to see content. See Content for more information.

And that's all you need to know about Group Settings!