Sync Groups

In order to keep the group structure intact i.e. Parent Groups and sub groups, it may be necessary occasionally to sync your groups. Here's how to check if your groups are in sync!

  1. Click Administration on the Navigation bar/menu.
  2. Click on Groups.
  3. Click the Review Changes button. Any groups that are out of sync will be listed.
  4. Click the Export button if you want to print, check and manually make the changes from the group page OR
  5. Add or Delete people from the group and click on Perform updates and the system will make the changes for you.

When you have made the changes your groups will be in sync.

How easy is that!

Note: All members of a Sub group must also be a member of the parent group. A person can be a member of 2 sub groups within the parent group but will only be once in the parent group.