Searching for a Household/Organisation

Households/Organisations are a core structure for organizing people in infoodle. Read on to find out how to search for a Household/Organisation!

  1. A Household/Organisation can be located by finding a person in that Household/Organisation. See Searching for a person
  2. Select the Organisation or Household filter in the quick search. The wording will depend on whether you have the Household or Organisation view. This quick search is the same as the Quick Search for a person above except that you are searching for an Organisation or Household. Note: when searching for an organisation the Name filter will also search all Organisation names.
  3. A Household/Organisation can be located by using the Advanced Search.
  4. Households can also be found by using the Reports section. See Reporting a Household/Organisation's Details for more information.

And that's how to Search for a Household or Organisation!