Library Items

An item is the specific file, book, note etc. that you are storing in the library. Depending upon what you wish to store will determine what information you can store.

Clicking on 'Add new item to collection' shows a screen which provides for 3 different types of items that can be stored:

Digital file
This enables you to store most common files that reside on your computer. You are provided with the standard 'select files' button which allows you to select the files (you can select one or up to 5 at time) you wish to store in infoodle.

You can select a date that this applies to. This is useful if you have a report that goes along with meeting notes for a specific meeting, in which case you set the date of that meeting. The collection shows the items in date order with the most recent at the top of the list.

The available file formats when uploading a digital file include;

pdf - file if type pdf
xls - file if type xls,xlsx
doc - file if type doc,docx
ppt - file if type ppt,pptx
image - file if type jpg,png,jpg

Physical item
This enables you to store something that resides elsewhere, i.e. its a book or a pamphlet or folder of some kind. You can also identify how many of these items you have, for instance you have 20 copies of a specific book.

This is available so you can record meeting minutes. The date is the date of the meeting. When the user views the meeting notes, they can show and print them using the print button on the notes screen.

Note: Always remember the hierarchy structure for libraries follows Library, Catalogue, Collection, Item. Click here for more info.

Note: There is a maximum file size of 50MB per individual file but no limit for the total storage size in Library.