Library Kiosk

The infoodle library kiosk system is designed to enable you to safely publish selected areas in your library for public searching and booking out. Its planning has been around the idea of a book library. With this system you can record all the books you have and allow people to take them out. Infoodle will assist in the communication of reminders. However it can also be used for other items such as a toy lending library.

There are a few steps needed to set this up.

  1. Create a login that will be used just for this task. Give it a role that is just for this task, and generate the API secret key for this login. Click here for more information on creating a login and API
  2. Create libraries, catalogues and collections and ensure that the login created in step 1. has access to the ones you want to make public. For more information on creating a Library click here.
  3. If you need to add physical items to a library, barcodes will need to be created for each item in the library. For more information on adding physical library items click here.
  4. Create a registration form that people who want to use your library can enter their details into. For more information on creating Forms, click here.
  5. Create a layout for the library card in the labels area so you can give people their code & bar code so they can reserve their books. This can be done using the {encoded-barcode} personalisation. For more information on printing labels for library cards, click here.
  6. Once you have completed Steps 1-5 the Library Kiosk needs to be configured in infoodle's System Setup. Click here for more information.


Accessing the Library Kiosk

Once all of the above steps have been completed, the library kiosk can be access by adding on /librarykiosk# to the end of your site URL, for example;