Link a library item to events

Infoodle allows you to link library items to events in order for the event organisers or those being rostered to have easy access to these items. They could be music sheets, lyrics and Mp3 or even weblink for the event musicians. Or they could be health and safety, risk assessment documents or meeting agenda and minutes etc.

How to select these items

When an event is created a group must be selected that is able to view the library items that can be selected.

When a person in this group goes to the events list page the library icon should be visible.

If you have permission to edit library items you will be able to link items to this event. Or you may be able to view the items that have been linked to this event.

Link items from the events page

From the events list page click on the library icon beside the event you wish to link items to.

Link items from the library

Select the library, catalogue and items for the event, then click Save.