The infoodle Menu

The infoodle menu consists of two main parts, the Menu Bar on the left, and the quick access toolbar across the top of the page. There is also a support button at the bottom of the Menu Bar that offers support documentation and the ability to lodge a support ticket.


The Menu Bar


The Menu Bar is what gives you access to the various areas within infoodle. Some areas will expand once you've clicked on them to preset sub menu's such as People & Households below;


Infoodle has a default logo on the Dashboard, but you can personalise it with your own logo. Click on the link Adding your logo for further information.

At the bottom of the Menu Bar there is a button for support if you need it. Next to this button shows how many people are currently logged into the site;


The Quick Action Toolbar

At the top of infoodle there is a quick search facility and a + symbol which gives quick access to adding People, Groups, Events, Assets, Forms and Libraries. Click here for more information on searching for people.

The image of the person on the far right is how to access your own profile within infoodle.

The Help Button

The Help section on the Quick Action Toolbar is a very useful resource to help a users understanding how infoodle works. This Help button links to help documents as well as video content covering quick help solutions and full training sessions.

The topmost link is a dynamic link which changes depending on the current page you are on. Clicking the this top most link will take you to the page with the most relevant help documents for your current page.

Help Videos - This link will present the Quick Videos, and Training Videos.

Help - This link takes you to the help documents for all topics.

Community Forum - You can register with the infoodle forum on Slack to communicate directly with the infoodle team.

infoodle Support - This opens the Support button, as mentioned above.

Recent Update - We post information on our monthly updates here.


The capacity graph shows you the current capacity usage of your database. It is a helpful guide to keep you aware of your usage compared to the price band you are currently paying for. It highlights when you are close to or over your band usage. Examples are shown below. If you need help reducing your active contacts or wish to discuss increasing your package size then please contact support using the usual support link.

Note: The first page that opens up once you have logged into infoodle is the Dashboard page, click here for more information on the Dashboard.