Processing a Deceased Person Profile

This article will cover the recommended approach to managing a deceased person's record within infoodle. There are a number of steps in the following guide that will only apply if you use the Finance package, skip any steps that do not apply or are not necessary for your process. Keep in mind, this is simply a recommended guide and not a mandatory activity.

Managing Financials

The following steps are only applicable if you have the Finance package, these steps should be taken before managing the person profile;

1) Transfer any transactions on the person profile to the spouse.

2) Manage the Xero contact. This may involve archiving the Xero contact or replacing the connection to the infoodle contact with their spouse in infoodle. This can be done via the Xero Contacts screen under Finance > Transaction Processing > Xero Imports > Xero Contacts. For more information see the Xero Contacts page.

3) Ensure any auto-reconciled transactions are deleted for this persons record.

4) Disconnect the Giving Number.

Managing the Profile

1) Change the Marital Status to 'Deceased' (and spouse to 'Widowed') - This ensures that the deceased person is not addressed with the combined spouse in your communications to them. This may require you add these items into the lookup list for the Marital Status field.

2) Set the 'Date of Death' field to the appropriate date, if known.

3) Archive the person record.

4) It's also advisable to create a field for the "Archive Reason”, in this case it would be set to 'Deceased'. This is not a standard field within infoodle, a Custom Field can be created to capture this information.

5) Add a note to household

6) Rename Household Name to remove spouse.

The above steps are a good starting point, however your organisation may need to make changes to this recommendation or include additional steps to ensure proper management of your database.