Deleting a Person

Infoodle encourages you to Archive people rather than deleting a person. When you delete a person all of the history for that person is also deleted.

  1. To delete a person, you first need to Archive them first. Click here for the steps on how to archive a person.
  2. Now that you have archived the person you can delete them. While in a person's profile go to the General Info tab.
  3. Click Edit to edit the General Info tab.
  4. Once a person has been archived, the option to Remove from Database appears.

Infoodle will then delete the person!

Note: The archive/remove from database field is normally found in the General Info section but may have been moved by your administrator. If you do not see ‘archived’ , you will need to click through each of the tabs you can see, or ask your administrator to check the administration/custom fields area to find which section it is in.

Note: Remember, this data can't be recovered, and due to the person's history being deleted, they will no longer appear in any reports.

Video: Check out the short video explanation of this topic here.