One person in multiple households or organisations

There are occasions where you know a person because they are in a family(household), and also because they are in an organisation. In this case you want to ensure that when you look at the family you see them listed, also the fact they are part of another organisation. When looking at the other organisation you need to see them there also.

Infoodle allows this to happen by clicking Add to additional organisation in the persons function menu . Follow the steps here on how to add one person in multiple organisations

Once chosen - scroll to the bottom of the persons details to see a list of other households this person is a part of.

Click the pencil to either remove the link this person has with this household or make this household their primary household.

When looking at the other household, you can see who has the household as their alternative (secondary) household because they have a down arrow beside them.

This is currently used for reference but further functions will become available to make use of this alternative household.