What is an organisation contact

There are 3 types of contacts in infoodle

1) An individual. This has a firstname, lastname and (optionally) a gender. The address area has a Household name, which can be optionally used to show the information about the family e.g. Mr & Mrs J Jones. Some people like to use this as a clearer way to show the household. When you add other people who are connected to the same individual, you are creating a household.

2) An individual who you know who is part of a Trust, Organisation or other entity. In this scenario, you know their first and last names, and in the address area you would use their Trust, Organisation or other entity name in the Household name (if you have organisation view enabled then you will be using the word organisation). You can add other contacts to this organisation and you are therefore creating an organisation (rather than a household).

3) A Trust, Organisation or other entity where you don't know the persons name. e.g. You only know the Trust name, receipts will be issued to this trust name and transactions will be received from the trust name. In this scenario you are creating an 'organisation contact'. Here the firstname, lastname and gender fields are removed. The only naming field you have left therefore is the Household name (or organisation name). Infoodle will store the organisation name in this same place - but it understands that the contact is not an individual and therefore doesnt use the firstname or lastname in any activity. When you add other contacts to this organisation contact, you are creating an organisation. These other people you will know their names and therefore have the fields to enter firstname and lastname etc.

In all scenarios you have access to all the other personalisation fields and custom fields you may have created. e.g. you will have Salutation and Nick name fields. In the case of an Organisation Contact, these can be used to hold the name you refer to the organisation such as 'Friend' or 'Supporter' such that your letters or emails could say Dear Friend or Dear Supporter.