App Users Guide

So your Church or Charity Organisation now has the new infoodle app and you want to get connected. Let's take a look at how to do this:

  1. The first step is to download the app on your phone from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Once downloaded, click on the app and then search for your Church or Organisation. Type in the full name not your site code.

  3. Click to allow notifications so that you will get your Church or Organisation notifications on your phone.

  4. You should now see the home page which will display a limited list of your upcoming events. To see more click on the Events icon. Note that if your calendar is not showing AND you have the Infoodle Events package then you will need to contact your Church or Organisation administrator.

  5. If you are not able to see the Church or Organisation details on the app then it may be that it has not been enabled yet. If you are not the Infoodle administrator then contact your Church or Organisation's Infoodle administrator. If you are the Infoodle administrator then check the following in your Infoodle site:
    • Click on Administration | Packages & Views. You should see a tick alongside the App under Packages. If there is no tick then the app has not been setup yet so you will need to contact Infoodle support.
    • Click on Contact. If you see a 5th option to contact people called App Notifications (alongside Label) then you have been setup. If not then contact Infoodle support.
  6. Once you are in the app you will be able to see a few different icons (click on each individual link below for more information):

Note: The Rosters and Directory icons will always show regardless of your permissions but you will need to login and have permissions in Infoodle to access or use them in the app. Click on the individual links above for more information.
If you click on one of the options that requires you to login(Rosters or Directory) then you will be asked if you have an infoodle login. Click here for more information.

Note: All that you are able to see is based on your Infoodle permissions given to you by the Infoodle administrator so if you are not able to see something that you should be able to then contact your Infoodle administrator.