Infoodle app

The infoodle app allows you to engage with your community through sending notifications, publishing events and rosters, adding notes, embedding forms for registrations etc plus more.

Getting your infoodle app full of relevant content is the best way to ensure your users open it often and maximise the power you know it has to offer the people in your community.

The infoodle app. comes with the following features enabled:

  • Access to infoodle directory
  • Add, View and Edit, Notes
  • Add individuals to a work queue
  • Link to personal rosters where they can see/accept/decline and set I'm away settings - needs infoodle events package.
  • Be able to change the app colours, logo and primary image shown on the home page
  • Link to google calendar (which can be linked via infoodle's calendar!) - Needs infoodle events package.
  • Embed link to facebook page
  • Contact page
  • Push notification messages to all app users on 1 topic (from infoodle's contact page)
  • Link up to 4 web pages embedded in the app (these would be infoodle forms probably)