Create a backup of your data

Infoodle does backup your data on a regular basis(click here for more info) but you can do your own monthly backup if you wish by running a report and downloading it as a spreadsheet.

Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Click Reports on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select People as the Report area. (Note: if you have Data that needs backing up in the Asset or People - notes areas then you will need to run this process separately for each area and download a separate sheet for each).
  3. On the Create Criteria screen leave the criteria blank ie do not add an criteria as you are wanting to back up all your data. If you select criteria then you will only be backing up data relating to he criteria and not all data.
  4. Go to the Select Fields screen and make sure that you select ALL the boxes on the screen.
  5. On the Generate results screen click Show to show the results on the screen to double check.
  6. When you are happy click Download to download as an Excel spreadsheet file(xls).
  7. If you wish to run this monthly then you can save it on the Save screen.

Easy as that!

You can also setup a schedule to have this report run in the background and email you the results. Click here for more information.