Creating a Report

Infoodle allows you to search and display information relating to various aspects of your organisation. While Search or Advanced Search can produce similar results, Reports generates that information with a large scale design in mind. This results in better formatted lists in regards to the information you seek.

  1. Select Reports from the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the type of Report to generate. Generally your starting point will be whether the Report is to be based on Assets, Attendance, People, or Notes.
  3. The Create Criteria tab appears first. Click on Add Criteria to select the filter you wish to use. Continue adding Criteria using the Add Criteria button. By clicking the Add criteria button you will be using the AND functionality which, as in the screenshot below, means that you are looking for all people that fit all of the criteria ie people that are in both of the groups. For more information on choosing criteria see How to select data to create a report.
  4. Using the example as in the screenshot above this will bring up only the people that are in both groups and may not return many results. If you are looking for people in one or more groups then make sure that you use the OR function (as in the screenshot below). To select the OR function add one criteria and then click on the or button to add another criteria below.
  5. For Finance information in a report the selection of transaction data used to act as a criteria but this is no longer the case as they are additional fields (to be selected in the Select fields screen) to the criteria selected on the criteria tab. e.g. list everyone in a group by using criteria, then show the transaction data for those that have any. Previously this would be limited to people who have transaction data only.
  6. When you choose a date field e.g. date of birth, and you select 'equals', then you are presented with a choice of how to set the date - either Exact date (the usual way) or Preset dates. There are currently 4 of these available. These dates are based on the date you run the report.
  7. Click the Choose Grouping tab once you have selected all your criteria. The Grouping tab allows you to select how you would like data in the Report to be sorted. This can improve the readability of the report.
  8. Click the Select Fields tab to define how you want the report data to appear.
    You can now select all fields of the transaction to output - and these now list the details of the transactions as a list, not a total on a single line as previously.
  9. Click the Generate Results tab to find options in regards to saving your criteria for another time, and selecting how to generate the report. See Saving a Report for more info.
  10. Click Send on the various options under Generate Results to create the Report. For more info on Printing a Report click here.

Note: Most reports are created using the same steps but there are some Special reports in Infoodle which are slightly different e.g. Attendance

Video: Watch this video demonstration of creating a report here.

Video: Watch this video to see How to select data to create a report.