How do I find people who have made a donation over a certain amount?

You may wish to search for all the people who have given a single donation of over a certain amount in a single transaction (regardless of any other donations they have made) so that you can either manage or contact them easily. Let's see how to do this:

  1. Create a group that you want to add all these people to. (Click here for steps on how to create a group).
  2. Now to create the report, click Reports.
  3. Select People as the Report areas.
  4. Click Add finance criteria.
  5. Select the criteria Transaction (Finance amount) value.
  6. Choose the amount options e.g. Set the amount to greater than and enter the amount $1000.

  7. Click on the Select fields tab and select the fields you wish to view about the people.
  8. Click on the Generate results tab.
  9. Click Show to see the results on the screen.
  10. Click Choose group to add the results to an existing group.
  11. Select the group that you created and click Save.

All done!