Adding Volunteer hours

Infoodle allows you to quickly record the number of hours volunteers work. To do this they need to be part of a group. The number and structure of groups is largely your choice. i.e if you have 1 group of all volunteers and have other groups or sub groups of volunteers with similar tasks together.

For more information on groups, click here.

To add volunteer hours:

Step 1. Go to the groups page, locate the group of volunteers and click on the volunteer hours icon OR from the Groups page click on Functions and then Volunteer Hours.

Step 2. Select the date. You can choose a specific date and enter the hours for that day or you may want to enter a week at a time, or a month at a time. Select the date at the end of that period. i.e for all of April the date select is April 30th.

Click on Go.

Step 3. Select the tasks performed.

If no tasks are entered in the drop down list, you are able to add tasks by clicking on the edit button.

Select the task for the first person in the list.

If all the group performed the same task you can click on the down arrow and the task slots will auto fill the rest of the list.

Step 4. Enter the number of hours the first person in the list completed.

If a person performed more than one task click on the + and add the task and hours.

If each person in the group completed the same number of hours then click on the down arrow as in step 3.

The tick indicates it has been saved.

Now you can generate a volunteer hours report.

Note: To be able to record volunteer hours you need to be the administrator of the group (click here for more information on this) or have "Maintain all groups" permission in your role (click here for more information on this).

Video: Check out this short video demonstration here.