Adding a Note

Notes allow you to enter details about a person, household or situation when a custom field does not allow enough information to be stored and you need to have privacy on a note.

To Add a Note:

  1. Find the persons/organisatons profile page that you want to write a note on.
  2. Click on +NOTE. (If you have Organisation View then you'll find this under the Notes tab).
  3. Begin filling in the details starting with What type of note is this. Select from the dropdown list.
  4. Select a Colour code.
  5. Next select Who is this note for? Is this note about the individual or does it relate to the whole household or organisation?
  6. Select Note visible to. Who will be able to see the note once it is saved? Select from the options, if Group is selected choose the group in the dropdown list.
  7. Finally, click Save.

Adding a note is as easy as that!

Note: Which groups can have a note visible to them? The list of groups is obtained by looking at the groups, and list those that have 'can see content' ticked

Note: What type of notes dropdown and Colour Key have a button next to them to allow you to add new fields if the options available are not what you require. Just click on the + icon next to What type of notes or Colour Key and add another category to the lists. Remember to Save once you have finished!

Video: Check out this short video explanation here.