Roster - recording changes

We've improved the logging of changes that are made when are change the rosters. You can now stop and start recording the changes for a specific group / event.

Added 30th

Rosters - my Calendar

The design for this has been adjusted a little to be easier to see. By default when you start this screen, it shows only the events and tasks you are rostered in to and dates you are away. There is a new button (or link on the phone) to show all the events. If you are not rostered in to anything then all events are shown.

Transaction status

Added a filter on transactions to show just the ones that have been chosen to be 'dont import' during reconciliation.


2 New personalisations added {tax items total} and {nontax items total} to show the respective totals

Added 28th

Finance - Reconcile - non-xero

When you import bank statements, infoodle will match the incoming transaction to previous reconciles you have done and present suitable matches. This has been extended to include the 'memo' field as part of the match process in order that a more exact match can be found for those people identify different giving designations using the memo field.

Person finance

For those with 'fundraiser' view enabled, the campaign is now shown in the activity and pledge tabs of a persons financials.

Finance - Transaction status

The screen is tidied up. The search has been extended to include the amount.

Added 25th

Finance - find

The screen is tidied up and the results now include the campaign and bank account.

Finance transactions - bank accounts

When adding or editing a transaction, you are now able to select which bank account the transaction relates to. This is specifically helpful when you are in a cluster and the cluster is tied to specific bank accounts - it ensures you can switch transactions between bank accounts and therefore between clusters.

Added 24th

Quick roster - email

The content of the document that is emailed to people has been updated to include the option as to whether you want the contact details for everyone in the roster or just those people who are rostered on. This data honours the directory settings, so only 'visible' details are included.

Added 23rd

Campaign - report

On the campaign screen you have the ability to report. This report has been extended with group/by functions as well as an export to CSV. The group by can be by campaign or bank account or combinations of the two.

Updated 20th

Pledge - person finance tab

When editing a pledge, the 'apply from' date is no longer pre-filled with todays date.


A new personalisation has been added {receipt to fullname}. This is the same data as the {receipt to name} personalisation but uses people's full names rather than initials.

Gift aid

The ability to add an adjustment amount has been added to the gift-aid claim screen. This is passed through to HMRC for the claim to reduce your claim amount due to a previous overclaim.

Updated 18th

Transaction - Find

The full name is now used in the results of the find transaction including organisation contact names, and the name is clickable to take you to that persons profile.

Updated 16th


A new personalisation has been added {campaign list}. This lists the campaigns that were used for the transactions on that receipt.

Donor analysis report

This has been improved in its layout and performance.

Updated 15th

Finance audit report

The Bank account (if applicable) has been included in this report for each transaction.


The following 2 personalisations have been added to the receipt templates. {combined firstlast name} and {combined fullname}

Finance role

We've split the 'Finance administration' role into 2,
a) Manage finance transactions. This used to be called 'Finance administration'.
This is designed for those people who work with the transactions directly e.g. adding manual transactions, reconciling them and recurring donations. A user with this role will only be able to see and report on the other information screens .g. Account codes, Stock codes etc.
b) Manage finance configurations.
This allows the user with this role to add, edit, delete account codes, memberships, setup xero schedules etc.

This means you can have an overseeing administrator able to setup the financial options, and also people who manage transactions without making changes to the core settings.

Audit report

The bank account the transactions are connected to has been added to this report

Added 12th


You can now limit the list of values available on a lookup list e.g. Marital status, you could limit that to 3 options rather than the 10 you may have.

Added 10th


The 'receipt transaction when' field has been added to the fields you can output. This means you can now see when each transaction is expected to be receipted in addition to the contacts general settings which you can get from the 'finance' section of the selected fields.

The Cumulative total has been added to the Pledge vs Actual report in analysis.

Added 9th

Groups - clusters

When you are in a cluster, and view a persons group page, the list of groups is now limited to just those you have access to, based on your cluster.

Added 4th

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