Credit card fees

Managing the reconciling of donations received via an infoodle form using a gateway that takes fees off before the funds arrive in infoodle is a pain to deal with. With streamlined this completely to enable you to process either nett value (after fees are deducted) or gross (before fees are deducted). You can have %'age fees and / or fixed fee per transaction. Set this in the administration/system/payment methods screen. Fees are now shown in the reconcile screens where required.


A new criteria has been added "Transaction (Finance amount) value". This allows you to search for specific transaction values, or range of values e.g. lists anyone who has given a single donation of over $1000 in a single transactions (regardless of any other donations they may have made).

Added 28th

Gift aid - review

The reason why a transaction is being included in the claim is now shown on the screen. It highlights the date that was used as the reference and what the date is e.g. The approval from the donor is in the date range, or infoodle is allowed to go back 4 financial years.

Printed receipts

You can now mark a receipt that was not marked as printed, back to printed. Do this by filtering the printed receipts on anything but 'printed' and click the 'actions' button. All activity is logged in the 'activity' tab.

Added 26th

Generating receipts

A new page size has been added - 'DL'. This is for printing directly to envelopes. Generate your receipts using this template - to output the letters you will send - then generate your receipts with the receipt template.

Dashboard - Date of death anniversary

You can add your own widgets to your dashboard, including the Date custom field anniversary. One of these dates is the 'date of death' field. The layout of this specific date field has been updated to include more information - the year they died, how old they were and how many years it will have been since the death.

Added 23rd

Printed receipts

This screen has been rebuilt to enable more clarity of functions and output. All functions are now accessible from the 'Actions' button. In addition you can list printed, or deleted receipts for audit purposes.

Updated 22nd


When saving the form - further validation is performed on the email response text to ensure it contains valid fields

When using a name field - the firstname and surname are now available as separate fields

Updated 12th


The audit trail screen has been updated, and includes more information

Updated 4th


When listing the forms screen, if there are errors detected whilst sending the response email to the form-filler, then a red envelope is now shown. Click this to see the items with issues.

Added 3rd

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